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The fastest-selling book series in Indian publishing history, The Shiva Trilogy, written by Amish Tripathi begins its journey with International Art Machine for a multi season digital drama. 

Having been translated in over 20 languages globally to cater for a colossal global demand, the Shiva Trilogy begins with the highly acclaimed “the immortals of Meluha”. 

Bringing together a dream team, International Art Machine’s Shiva series intends to portray elements of mythos, love, inspiration, balancing facts, and fiction in all its  authenticity.

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 “One couldn’t have asked for a better team than this to take my books into the audio-visual world. Shekhar is an Oscar-winning filmmaker who is among the best living Indian directors. Roy is among the most successful Hollywood executives, having created Emmy and BAFTA winning series. Suparn is one of the finest young writer-directors in modern India, having helmed the critically acclaimed and hugely successful Family Man 2. I am sure that with a team like this, we will create a web series that is worthy of Lord Shiva.” - Amish Tripathi 
“Amish’s Shiva Trilogy has been India’s great publishing sensation, crossing every age and class. It’s not just mythology, it’s modern storytelling at its best. Lending itself to a beautiful international series.” - Shekhar Kapur
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“The Meluha Trilogy by Amish Tripathi is a genre-defining book and has become part of the pop-culture of the country. I loved the reimagining and the world-building involving two of my favorite gods! The scale of vision and the ambition of our show visually and emotionally is as huge a task but we want to bring to audiences a vision that has never been seen before on screens.” - Suparn S Varma
“The premise of International Art Machine is that we are entering a new peak era for Asian original cinema and television. Everything we do supports that vision. India in particular, with its many people and stories, is poised to be a leader in a new multi-polar entertainment world. I could not imagine a better project to start IAM’s life than Shiva, and there is no better dream team to fully realize the potential of Amish’s novels than Shekhar Kapur and Suparn Verma. It was meant to be! " - Roy Price
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