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Hollywood has lost its edge and has stopped serving the whole audience well. You can only do that for so long before competition arrives. 


IAM will be an open, global, decentralized streaming and financing platform. At IAM, producers and artists will be able to get financing for shows, movies and music directly from global investors and fans instead of from a centralized group of executives and then can stream them to customers globally. 


We believe that a group of fans and financiers from all over the world will be more likely to back rule breaking, ahead of the curve talent and ideas and will be more likely to serve the whole market.  


The next Wu Tang Clan, the next Bad Bunny, the next Squid Game and Everything Everywhere All At Once will come from an open and decentralized system. 


What was born in cryptography, Merkle-Damgard collision-resistant hash functions, and zk proofs will culminate in a free world for artists everywhere — and, indeed, one more replete with economic opportunity. 


We hope IAM will become your favorite alternative to corporate media. 

The Problem

Remember when TV and the movies were surprising, hilarious, action-packed and sexy and set the pace for the culture? Many countries are on a culture upswing now (Korea, India, Israel) but the new Hollywood in particular has become cautious, middle of the road, and seems to have culturally lots its ambition. 


We call what we are getting now “fiat culture.” Comedy is disfavored. Action is disfavored. The middle of the country is disfavored. A lot is disfavored. 


Allowing the funding to take place between producers and artists and their fans and investors distributes the power of cultural leadership from a few people in Los Angeles to artists and fans around the world – where it should be. And because creators will get more money and have more freedom, we expect that the best creators will inevitably migrate to web3– and in the long run the platform with the best artists will win. 


In the late 70s, disco dominated music until Disco Demolition Night in Comiskey Park. You can only underserve your audience for so long before they rise up. 

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It is time for a cultural revolution. It is time for “ultrasound culture.”

The Solution

Welcome to the revolution. 10 things to know:

  1. IAM will function like Netflix or Spotify. You search for stuff, you find it. You press play, things play. 

  2. IAM is decentralized and permissionless. Any content owner (including us) can add content to IAM. 

  3. Revenues will be divided amongst content contributors via smart contract. 

  4. IAM will be censorship resistant, but there will be a filter pre-upload to deal with copyright violations and to ensure that IAM doesn’t become 8chan. The exact mechanism of the filter will be an issue for the DAO to take on. 

  5. IAM will offer a marketplace where artists and producers can get their projects funded and where crypto investors can invest in projects, receiving NFTs and securities. At IAM you can be a co-owner of your favorite shows and part of their community.

  6. Because shows are funded and greenlit by a globally distributed, decentralized group of wallets, we believe that they will have a greater tendency to do two things: serve the whole audience and find rule breaking ideas that can be game changers for customers. Win win.

  7. When we produce for IAM on our own behalf, our only priority will be quality. And our track record of producing quality is world class. 

  8. Because of its decentralized nature, IAM is unstoppable and permissionless. Once it exists, IAM cannot be canceled or turned off. 

  9. IAM will use Ronin X infrastructure and protocol as its Content Delivery Network. We are religious about decentralization unlike these “web 2.5” companies that sit on top of AWS. 

  10. IAM is a composable system. Anyone can use it. Other studios can use it to set up their own subscriptions. We do not expect to be producing the bulk of content for IAM in the medium term. 


From the cypherpunks to the cryptopunks to your TV – in the long run, web3 breaks the monopoly of the current culture industrial complex.

Tokens and Organisations

We will launch a 10K PFP NFT collection soon called Sunset Blvd. We invite everyone who is aligned with the mission of IAM to join Sunset Blvd. to help design the future of media in web3. Remember, as Ruscha painted: Hollywood is a verb. 


The punk ethos of independence and rebellion has long been core to crypto. From the beginning — from the cypherpunks — “punk” is part of crypto. And that’s the spirit of the collection: cultural rebellion and an adherence to core crypto principles — a mix of skateboarding, punk rock, cryptography, privacy, decentralization, and cultural rebellion. We go beyond classic punk rock to create a brand that represents creativity everywhere, but punk is always close to our heart.


So SUNSET BLVD is a group of cryptographers, movie critics, mathematicians, skateboarders, former fashion models, and culture theorists who believe that media has taken a somewhat boring, unfunny, unfree and unsexy turn, and has intertwined with the state to become an agent of predictability and control. 


SUNSET BLVD is here to replace the corporate culture which currently provides such meager warmth by using the decentralization and permissionlessness of crypto and its openness to new ideas. 


This isn’t the Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. This is a Sunset Blvd. we will all build together.


We invite the members of SUNSET BLVD to walk the path with us, to be thought partners and participants, and, in return, we will whitelist them on the early opportunities for the necessary DAOs and NFTs that will be required to fuel IAM progress. 


As an initial creative project, we also invite members of SUNSET BLVD to contribute relevant characters and stories which we will try to aggregate into the project. Legal details about money and credit can be found in our discord.


Our production company will evolve into a DAO. The DAO will create the infrastructure and platform for artists and producers to develop and produce NFTs, television, music and film. It will also develop and own implementation of many aspects of the IAM streaming protocol and shepherd it on its progressive decentralization. 


IAM will also have its own currency, $FILM, which can be used to invest in projects and do transactions, such as subscriptions, on IAM. 

The Team

  • Roy Price, in 13 years at Amazon, founded Amazon Video and Amazon Studios. His series have won 12 Best Series awards at the Emmys and Golden Globes including 2 of the last 4 Emmy winners for Best Comedy Series for Fleabag and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Previously, he was at McKinsey and Disney. 

  • Mahaji is a former product leader at and Hulu. 


  • Jeremy Jenson is the co-founder of Deadheads NFT. 


  • Tempo is the co-founder of Deadheads NFT. 


  • Dave Craige is the founder of Studio DAO. 


  • Karishma Naina Sharma runs international television and formerly was head of development and VP at  Balaji motion pictures.


  • Jeff Garzik is the CEO of Bloq and a bitcoin pioneer. 

  • Christine Peters is a movie producer in Los Angeles who produced “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days,” among others. 

  • Seth Shapiro is the Chairman of the NAB Web3 Advisory Council and a Governor of the Television Academy. 

Early Projects

In the early stages, we expect that we will have to seed the marketplace and streaming site ourselves. International Art Machine is developing content, including:


  • Sunset Blvd., an NFT series and community pulling creative energy from the Hollywood and punk rock revolutions of early 80s Los Angeles. Roadmap: DAO, television series produced by Christine Peters and Roy Price.

  • We All Gonna Make It, a comedic film starring several NFTs being written by Kris Brown and Greg Grabianski of Beavis & Butthead. Produced by Christine Peters and Roy Price. 

  • Deadheads: the Movie, a comedic film based on the NFT collection Deadheads to be produced by Jeremy Jenson, Tempo and Roy Price.

  • Gore Police USA!, an English language sequel to Tokyo Gore Police (2008), being written by Yale Hannon;

  • Shiva, a television series based on the novel by Amish Tripathi to be directed by Shekhar Kapur and written by Suparn Verma;

  • Anime Apocalypse: When the great anime characters of Tokyo start getting murdered, the rest must band together to save the world (NFT series and television series). 

  • Gods, a television series to be written and directed in Hindi by Dibakar Banerjee;

  • Party School, a comedic film written by Greg Grabianski where a college tries to become #1 in some category in the US News & World Report college lists and realizes that #1 Party School is its only hope. 

  • Chaotic Neutral, an animated half hour comedic television series, by Greg Fiering (Migraine Boy);

  • National Television, a multimedia NFT series, by Mark Leyner and Prudence Fenton. 

  • Dragon Masters, a game and series developed by Dave Filoni (Star Wars: Clone Wars), novelist Raymond Feist (Riftwar) and television producer Randy Rogel (Batman)

  • Kitty Party, a television series to be written by Kersi Khambatta and Shunali Shroff and to star Preity Zinta.

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